You don’t have to FEEL like working out to work out. Not feeling like doing it, has nothing to do with it, just get on with it, JUST DO IT. (via motiveweight)
Anonymous: sounds like fun! why not a job at disneyland? you're definitely handsome enough :)

maybe as a janitor haha

the DCP sounds awesome though

Anonymous: oh anon is more fun :) sucks about school though, you got any exciting plans for summer time?

Hopefully ill attend this big alternative concert (BFD) since the lineup comes out tomorrow. Mm disneyland and just gyming it up! hopefully a job and maybe even summer school too but we’ll see haha

Srsly wish i could go to New York though

Anonymous: oooh but yes :) i'm doing well, how about yourself?

I like you haha

Skewl is gross right now but the semester will be over soon! And I’m doing really well, too. just been talking to friends and making new ones so that’s been pretty fun. so why are you on anon hmm??

Anonymous: helloooo hottie ;)

Whaaa-noo? haha

hello how are you? :D

xxxbad-wolfxxx: Nice blog mate!

Thanks, man! :) appreciate it!