when someone cute calls you cute


Anonymous: It's definitely refreshing that you're so open minded and respecting of other people's opinions! Carry on good sir c:

thanks haha

I mean, I feel like it’s only fair -especially if it’s about something I’m unfamiliar with. that’s not to say that I support whatever people may say but it’s not like I dont support it either. It’s just heard until I learn for myself

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dexcalibur: <3 because at the end of the day we are all family in a way, made up of similar very similar things, and all that really matters is spreading love. ps. i had eggs and smoothie for breakfast what was yours?

Dude, you’re cool with me B)

mmm ♪ same! I had 4 eggs and a banana peanut butter shake! 

Anonymous: Unfollowed for the anti-vegan reblog. Please look into vegan body builders before you spread false information. Its absolutely possible and even beneficial to have a plant based diet while building muscle.

I’m genuinely sorry if you were offended by it. 

I’m trying to take a grain of salt with every message people are submitting. Like I said, I just like to hear people’s opinions on it (since I usually only hear good things and personally believe in its benefits) but plan to look into it when I find some time.

Anonymous: The cholesterol in eggs is actually a bad one- but eggs in moderation are fine, and eating a bunch of them on occasion is fine too. But that bad stuff ads up! It's best to vary your diet anyway- there are way better sources of protein out there c:

I agree that moderation is great and I just really like eggs. haha yup I try to get my fair share from nuts, veggies, etc. but i cant stand tofu

yeah, a lot of people have different thoughts and I admit that I’d like to do some research myself but it’s interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter  

runbrittanyrun: wanted to let you know that the cholesterol in food (esp eggs) does not affect your blood cholesterol. also egg yolks contain choline, lutein and zeaxanthin, and sulfur. Eggs are a miracle food. keep eating. :)

pretty eggstrordinary!

(k ill stop with the puns)